Infant Room

6-18 months
Our objective is to assist infants to develop at their own rate in a safe, nurturing, supportive and respectful environment.  We recognize this may be one of your child’s first experiences away from home and are dedicated to supporting your family. Your child will have a primary caregiver who will help your child thrive in our warm and welcoming infant room.

As a family, you will be able to build a relationship with your child’s primary caregiver and help him/her learn about your child’s unique needs and characteristics. This will help encourage your child to form an attachment to the educator which is vital because learning takes place in an environment of security and trust.

We believe that each child is unique, important and develops at their own rate.  We give children choices as often as possible and wait for their responses. We communicate with children about what will be happening throughout the day and use positive reinforcement to guide and support them.   We feel that building on existing skills is more important than pushing infants to develop new ones before they are ready.

We believe that infants learn best when they are allowed to move freely in their exploration.  The environment therefore is set up so that each child can engage in play at his/her own developmental level.  We are committed to meeting the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language needs of each child.  Our environment consists of indoor and outdoor spaces created to support individual developmental needs and abilities.  We provide opportunities that enhance your child’s individual development through exploration and social experiences.

Age of Infants: 6 – 18 months
Spaces: 8
Educators: 3
Cost: $1365/Month
CCOF Reduction: -$900/Month


Toddler Room

18 Months - 3 Years
Our mission in the Toddler Program is to provide a quality learning environment that promotes total well being, a learning environment of mutual trust and respect and innovative programming for all areas of development for children 18 months to 2 1/2 or 3 years of age.

We have a “Learning Through Play” philosophy and we use emergent curriculum when we plan projects and activities with the children. We strive to provide a balance between large and small group activities, active and quiet activities, and between structured and free play activities. Through these activities and experiences the children’s cognitive, social, artistic, language, physical, and self-help skills are fostered.

The Toddler Program has a primary care giving system to promote caring and trusting relationships although, we support children in building strong relationships and attachments to all or any educator in the program.  We have four staff in our room:  three full-time educators and one lead educator who oversees all aspects of the Toddler Program.  Our educators work together as a team and strive to create a safe and secure early learning experience that promotes physical, social, intellectual and emotional growth of each child.

We strongly encourage a gradual entry into the program to ensure you, your child and the educators build a secure relationship. This will also allow your child to form an attachment to the educators and begin to have an understanding of the daily routines.

Age of Toddlers: 18 months – 2 1/2 or 3 years
Spaces: 12
Educators: 4
Cost: $1235/Month
CCOF Reduction: -$900/Month


Preschool Room

3 - 5 years
In the Preschool room, we believe it is important to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment that supports the needs of each child individually and as a member of the group. We work together as a team to create a safe and secure early learning experience to promote the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language development of each child. The program is based on a “learning through play” philosophy and emergent style curriculum. We work to provide a balance between active and quiet activities; free play and structured activities; large group, small group, and individual activities, and group project work. We strive to encourage the children to establish a positive self-concept; to become independent, responsible and creative; to respect others; and to enjoy the challenge of learning about their world. We also believe in emergent curriculum and base our project work on the interests of the children.

In the Preschool Program we have 25 children ages 2 ½ – 5 years old and 4 full time educators. All the Preschool staff work together as a team and are involved with all the children on a daily basis.

What we offer:

Our Preschool Program is set-up to meet all the areas of children’s development and to foster the needs of each child to help them grow and learn. We offer art experiences (sensory, painting, gluing, colouring, etc.), introduce new experiences whenever it’s possible, “show n’ share” day once a week and have special days throughout the month such as pajama day, alien day, crazy hair day, camping day, etc.

In addition to our regular programming we also offer a sports program, music program, and yoga class. Richardson Sports is a program that focuses on sports in a non-competitive way and teaches basic skills that are needed to play all sports in a fun and creative manner. The coach comes to our centre  once a week and the class is divided into two groups based on age. Our music program is offered every second week where a music teacher comes in and offers a variety of musical experiences for the children. The music teacher also exposes the children to a wide range of musical instruments, so they can have hands on experiences. Our yoga teacher comes in on Monday mornings for stretching, songs, stories, and fun! A great way to start the week!

Group Time:

Group time in the Preschool Program is a great opportunity to get into small groups and to focus on each individual child or gather in a large group and be together. When divided into groups, the preschoolers are divided either based on age or their interests, or if they’ve chosen to join the group. Each educator gears their activities/ideas for the children that are in the group (stories, games, songs, gross motor activities, etc.).

Age of Preschool Children: 3 – 5 years
Spaces: 25
Educators: 4
Cost: $950/Month
CCOF Reduction: -$545/Month