(Open for Babies Born January 2024 or later)

We request all of our families interested in registering with OCCS meet with the Manager or Assistant Manager to complete a tour of the Centre. Please fill out the following Waitlist Application Form and upload it to the contact form below. The Manager will contact you within a few days to set up a tour of our facility. ***BOOK A TOUR NOW!!

Currently, we have one permanent and contract spaces available in our 3 – 5 Program starting September 2023. Please feel to contact us if you are interested or have any questions. 

A $25 non-refundable fee is required once your tour is complete and you choose to go on our waitlist. Families will remain on our waitlist for two years.

Here is our Policy Handbook.

Should you have any further questions please contact us. 

Waitlist FAQ's

  • How do I get on to the waitlist?
  1. Fill out the waitlist application form (hyperlink on waitlist tab) and email it to waitlist@ourchildrenscentre.com
  2. The Manager/ Assistant Manager will then contact you to set up a date/time for a tour of the centre. Tours take place on Friday mornings, and must be completed before going on the waitlist.
  3. After the tour is complete, should you wish to be added to the waitlist there is a $25.00 non-refundable waitlist administration fee. Payment can be made by cash, cheque to Our Children’s Centre, or e-transfer to manager@ourchildrenscentre.com
  • How big is your waitlist?

We have large waitlist, but as there are several factors when determining enrollment (see flow chart below). Because there are many factors to consider, the size of the waitlist is not an indication of whether a spot may be available.

  • Why do we need to pay the $25.00 non-refundable waitlist application fee?

No one is required to pay the $25.00 to see the Centre and go on a tour.  The $25.00 covers the cost of maintaining the waitlist during the time each child is on the waitlist, which in some cases can be two years or more.

  • Why do I need to complete a tour before going on a waitlist?

A tour of OCCS is a great chance for you to see the space, meet the Educators, and to ask any questions you may have.  We want to make sure that you feel that OCCS is the right fit for you and your family and we feel that doing a tour is the first step in getting to know one another.

  • Why does my application expire after two years?

Applications expire after two years in an effort to keep our waitlist as up to date as possible.  Many families may find other care in that time, move, or have their needs change and forget to let us know.  When your application is close to expiry, and should you wish to remain on our waitlist, please call or e-mail the Centre and we would be happy to update the information.

  • Do you offer part-time care?

Unfortunately we do not offer part-time care in any of our programs.  “Space-share” spots are available in the Hummingbird and Crow Rooms but are limited to one space-share spot in the Hummingbird Room and two space-share spots in the Crow Room.  A space-share can occur when a family that is already enrolled “sublets” two or three consecutive days a week to another family of a child around the same age.  When a space-share opportunity arises, we first try to  contact waitlist families who would qualify to see if they are interested.

  • Why is intake primarily in the Infant Room?

Intake is primarily in the Arbutus Room, close to age 1 because this gives us the best chance to be able to manage a spot all the way through to Preschool graduation.  This is because we know the children and birthdates we currently have and thus what birthdates would fit within that movement plan.

  • Is there any benefit to calling and emailing on a regular basis?

Staying in contact with the Centre does not up your priority on the waitlist.  However, contacting the Centre  at the two-year mark is valuable so as to avoid your application from expiring, and ultimately having your child removed from the waitlist. Rest assured we always contact families that qualify in order of priority when a spot opens up for enrollment. Although, at times a certain birth date fits in our movement plan better therefore that factor may take priority when a spot opens up.

  • Why is my child’s birthdate taken into consideration when accepting new enrollment?

Your child’s birthdate is taken into consideration with enrollment as it is the best way to forecast a position all the way up until kindergarten.  Each of the rooms are restricted by age, as regulated by licencing requirements and as such, movement throughout each room at the Centre occurs by birthdate. We have a structured movement plan based upon children’s ages that allows us to predict a child’s movement throughout the Centre, from the Arbutus to Crow Rooms. As spaces become available, it is critical that we do our best to ensure birthdates line up so that we can ensure a spot for the child as they progress through each room.

  • Does everyone on the waitlist eventually get a spot?

Unfortunately, not everyone on our waitlist will receive a spot.


  • Will my child be guaranteed a spot at OCCS all the way up to Crow (Preschool) Room graduation?

Unfortunately there are no guarantees in a spot all the way up to graduation.  However, we always do our very best to accommodate continual enrollment, and the likelihood of having to withdraw because of a lack of spot is uncommon.

  • I placed my older child on the waitlist, and now have had another child. How do I go about adding them onto the waitlist?

To add another child to the waitlist please fill out the waitlist application form and email it to waitlist@ourchildrenscentre.com, and indicate that you have another child currently on our waitlist.  Once we receive your request we are able to put your younger child on the waitlist directly in position below your older child.  Please note this is only in the case when your older child’s application has not expired.


  • Why does the waitlist close for certain birthdates?

We cut off the waitlist at certain birthdates to help keep our waitlist as streamlined as possible, allowing for the best possibility of a spot coming up.  Please check the website for the birthdates we are currently accepting.

  • Where am I on the waitlist?

Because there are many factors involved with offering a space we are unable to give updates as to where a child is on the waitlist.  We typically know two months in advance when we have spots open.

  • I put a desired entry date down but I am open to sooner or later than that date.

When determining enrollment the desired entry date is less important than the child’s birthdate.  We always contact families who would qualify for the space and then they have the option to decline.  Families can decline twice without being removed from the waitlist.

  • I haven’t had my child yet. Am I still able to go on the waitlist?

Absolutely!  All that we ask is that after you have your child and things are settled that you contact the centre and let us know the name you have chosen and the date of birth.  As the date of birth is used in determining spaces it is important that you contact us with that information. Failure to do so may result in missing out on a potential spot.

  • What is a contract space?

Contract spaces most often happen in the Crow Room, commencing in September as children graduate to Kindergarten.  These occur when a space is being held for a toddler who has not yet turned three but will within the year.  Contract spaces are for a specific timeframe and typically range from 3 to 6 months. By accepting a contract space, you become an existing family and therefore receive increased priority on the waitlist; this means, that if a permanent spot becomes available you will take priority over a family who is not at the Centre. Contract spaces may be extended, but there is no guarantee of an extension or a permanent space once the contract is completed.  When a contract space becomes available we contact all families on the waitlist that qualify and then out of those who are interested, the space is offered to the family that was added to the waitlist first.

  • Do provincial government employees get priority?

No. When the daycare was first established, provincial government employees had first priority but unfortunately enrollment declined over the years and OCCS has since changed their policy.

  • Please note: Without exception, all children must be immunized as appropriate to their age in accordance with the local Health recommendations

How Enrollment Works