Arbutus Room

Thank-you for your interest in our Infant Program! In partnership with your family, our aim is to assist infants’ development within a safe, nurturing, supportive and respectful environment. We recognize attendance at the Centre may be one of the first times your child is away from home and we are dedicated to supporting your family before, during and after this transition.

Our Program Educators value building relationships with families to help us learn about each child’s unique needs and characteristics which will ultimately assist us in forming an attachment with your child. Children’s learning is best supported in an environment that is founded on such a relationship of trust and security. We believe it is vital to communicate with the children about the new routines and events while using positive reinforcement to guide and support them.

The Educators believe each child is wonderfully unique both as a fully formed individual and as a person who will grow and learn when prepared to do so; We believe encouraging infants to build on existing skills is more important than forcing them to develop new abilities that may be too challenging. Children are offered a wide range of play-based activities to choose from here with children’s expressed interest guiding these explorations.

Based on our commitment to meet the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language needs of each child, we offers both indoor and outdoor explorations for children every day. Learning is supported by offering children the opportunity to explore our inside and outside spaces freely and in ways that best address their stage of development.

We understand that it is a privilege to meet and work with such young children and are grateful to their families for offering us this opportunity to witness life in its “infancy’!   

Age of Infants: 8-18 months

Available Spaces: 8

Educators: 3

Cost: $1408/Month

CCOF Reduction: -$900/Month