Crows Room

In the Crow room we have created a nurturing and supportive environment that welcomes children, families, educators, and community members. We embrace children as they are and invite them to grow holistically in our center. They are respected individuals who come to us with a lifetime of knowledge. We believe children are not blank slates and that they contribute their unique insights, experiences, and curiosities to form a collective community. They are actively involved in co-creating the environment and learning experiences within our program. The children in our care are given the freedom to explore what they are curious about. We facilitate their learning by listening, observing, and questioning their play. We watch as they take risks, knowing or not knowing the limits of their mind, body, and spirit.

Age of Infants: 3-5 Years

Available Spaces: 25

Educators: 4

Cost: $980/Month

CCOF Reduction: -$545/Month